Friday, July 24, 2015

Blueberry Dinner Party for Ely's Blueberry Fest

Every year, the city of Ely hosts the Blueberry Festival, timed perfectly
to coincide with the late July ripening of the wild blueberries that 
abound in our area.  Tens of thousands of people attend, and it's the
perfect opportunity to.....

get the heck out of town and set a table for friends and family.

Kimberly setting the blueberry-themed table.

Heavy concentration on her latest napkin fold.

Individual mini pitchers filled with home made blueberry vinaigrette. 
Hey, what are those cherries doing at the blueberry dinner party?

My mom, PR's debut on A Graceful Table. 

Prepping and setting the salads...
...with fresh blueberries, feta cheese, and red leaf lettuce.

Green beans amandine, baby red new potatoes, 

and a savory blueberry sauce for the meat.

Blue placemats atop a Ralph Lauren printed tablecloth and wooden 
chargers from Pier One.  The Phaltzgraff stoneware belonged to Kimberly's mother.

Cobalt blue stemware and water glasses, 
and blue candles to match the blueberries in the salad.

Summertime tomato insalata caprese with homegrown organic 
tomatoes and basil.

Kimberly's hubby, Kim, bringing in the steaks from the grill.

After dinner treat of blueberry cobbler with blueberry ice cream.

While they enjoyed the meal, the evening, and the dessert, 
my folks are less excited about being on the blog.

Another successful dinner party for us!
And, we're spent.

Go to the link party HERE

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