Sunday, January 15, 2017

Time to Transition

It can be difficult to
come up with ways to adorn your home
in the transitional time between
the holidays and when spring arrives. 

Often, my inspiration comes from my natural surroundings.
In our neck of the woods, the mid-winter chickadees 
keep us company.
I sometimes get inspiration from browsing various websites,
especially since I'm interested in a new dining room table.
I have just received my new chandelier that I purchased while
visiting family in Denver, and can't wait for it to hang
in my house!!  Stay tuned for photos and a blog post about it!! 

The world outside my window contains varying shades of green
 punctuating the snow white canvas that covers the ground.

December is all reds and greens and ribbons and bows, 
but January to me is the muted colors of the winter forest.
I like to use birch accents, like these cute picks 
and birch candles.....

....and the gold twig to add a slight bit of contrast and
to break up the very subdued theme.

The burlap runner features two of our feathered friends
in the northwoods, the Black-Capped and the Boreal Chickadee.
 The bird theme is continued in the tin trough with a burlap and feathered bird.

Our dining room table gets a workout in November and December,
so during the respite from entertaining, it's nice to have
a vignette or two in mind to echo the season and
dress up an otherwise empty table.

A few ideas to spark your creativity.....

A frosted pinecone wreath with silver antlers, birch bark candles,
and a touch of cedar on a weathered wood tray with silver handles.

Pheasants are not native to our area, but this silver pair 
and frosted greenery provide a perfect anchor for the birchbark mirror.

You can use a juxtaposition of winter and early spring items 
to highlight the current season and hint to what's soon coming.

 A simple birch candle surrounded by a zinc finished
birdcage planter and greens.

Don't think you always have to have a symmetrical tabletop design.
This is one of my favorites.....

A detail of the top of the topiary.

Detail of the bottom of the topiary.
 I used a garland that features succulents, which are
so versatile that they are appropriate for any season,
and a cute little carved wooden bird.

As far as tablescaping for a winter meal, we've used an all whites and greys.....

and greens and golds......

and greens and beiges...

 Dress up your dining room this winter 
and enjoy the restfulness of the season.

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and with Chloe and Sandra at
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  1. I'm surprised how much I like how you dressed your table, since I don't usually gravitate to rustic interiors. The chickadee runner is perfect and the mix of greenery is charming.
    Sandra (Dinner at Eight)

    1. Thanks for the comment, Sandra! I like elegant, too, but in the northwoods it seems fitting to be casual and rustic between dinner parties. Am so happy that you liked what I did!!!

  2. Very pretty. I know why I never get any tables capes done. Out dining room table is our kitchen table which is always used or full of projects. Lovely though, all the texture just makes it so interesting, thanks for sharing, Sandi

    1. Thanks for visiting, Sandi! Am off to check into your blog.

  3. I love your style! I too favor rustic natural elements. I have those same pheasants, but in the dark brown. or I should say "had", I broke them both while packing for our remodel :(. Beautiful table ideas. Dianne

    1. Hi Dianne! I have the dark brown pair, too, and just love them! Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it.

  4. This is the time of year when I am also challenged when it comes to table decor. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures and thanks for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, have a great weekend.