Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Mother's Day Brunch

Kimberly does Mother's Day brunch
like no one else.

The table is set with myriad details and is a feast for the
eyes and for the palate.

A set of Bordallo Pinheiro 'geranium' in pink for sugar and cream.
The goblets and silver are from her wedding registry 23 years ago.

In addition to individualized place cards, each setting
also has a custom printed menu and a vintage
Mother's Day card.

 The menu is a marathon of cooking, baking, and
of course, eating.  Menu and table setting plans begin
in January.  Not one item on this menu is pre-purchased or pre-packaged.
It is all made from SCRATCH!
OK, the gelatos were purchased.

 The table foundation is a Ralph Lauren tablecloth with roses and greens.
A green placemat/charger calls your attention to the individual settings.
A Tracy Porter square dinner plate starts the stack.
 A Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage salad plate,

 is topped with a Bordallo Pinheiro leaf sporting hues of
pink, yellow and green, echoing the colors of the tablecloth.

 A matching Tracy Porter pitcher holds
fresh hydrangea, eucalyptus, mums, and roses.


     Yellow Bordallo Pinheiro bread and butter plates, complete
with molded butter.

 And, then there's the food!

 Hors d'oeuvres are elegant, yet simple.
Sweet and salty mixed nuts, Boursin, Gouda, and Halumi cheeses,
garlic rounds, and fresh fruits.

 Garlic stuffed olives and deviled eggs, each in its
own spring paper cup.

Rolling out the dough for the pecan sticky buns.

 Frosting and pecan halves in the bottom, topped with a rolled up bun.

Individual egg and sausage tartlets, garnished with 
parmesan cheese and fresh parsley.
One the guests showing incredible patience whilst their plate
is photographed.  Looks like a bite or two has been taken
out of the sticky pecan bun, though.

 Mango and raspberry gelato in 
lacy pecan cups.

We wish all mothers a
glorious Mother's Day with 
lots of love, laughter, and food!


  1. Gorgeous table...and lots of Bordallo! The RL plates are so perfect for a Mothers Day brunch.
    Hope you have a great week.

    1. Thanks, Marigene! Hope you have a great week, too!

  2. Beautiful table full of so many beautiful details, like the molded butter! the menu sounds amazing, love the tarts~

  3. What an exquisite table, meal, and effort! You are so inspirational; and I am sure a blessing to your Mother. Hope to see you soon.