Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Will you be mine? -- Valentine's Day Brunch

While putting this post together on a fabulous 
Valentine's Day brunch, the message that came
through to me loud and clear was that
details matter.

Choosing a color scheme and carrying it throughout the 
entire tablescape, hors d'oeuvres, and dessert gives
a seamless quality to the brunch for your guests.
Silver, red, and white are repeated in every
course, giving the meal continuity.
A cherub holding a red pillar candle sets the mood for the
pre-brunch appetizers.

At both ends of the tables, the chair is adorned with a vintage candy box.
Each box, full of Valentine's Day chocolates from her husband, Louie, was carefully 
saved over the years by Kimberly's mother.  How sweet is that?

Guests get a sneak preview of the menu
just before taking their seats.

 Tall, etched water  goblets hold a red napkin,
enshrouded in a lace overlay, and set upon
a lace doily.

Each guest recieved a handwritten Valentine from
their hostess.

 The floral centerpiece sits atop another antique lace doily and 
is surrounded by vintage Valentine's Day cards.

Dessert, all hand made, includes chocolate covered strawberries,
hand made truffles, and pink divinity.  Gold rimmed flutes
for post-brunch champagne complete the tableau.

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  1. Totally adorable tablescape! Thanks so much for linking up with me. I enjoyed seeing this!

    Also, if it wouldn't hurt your feelings (and if it does I am SO sorry) but if you email me I will walk you thru how to widen your blog posts on your blog so your pictures fit and don't overlap....:-) If you are interested...and again I apologize if this hurts your feelings. Or there is a facebook group I can invite you too that helps bloggers make changes to their blog and a lot of the help is free! Just let me know if you are interested :-)

    1. Hi Christine! NO, your kind offer to help does not hurt my feelings. I appreciate it very much, and would like to be added to the FB group. I will email you soon so we can begin the tutorial :-) Kathy