Friday, September 30, 2016

Cena Sencilla

We had a quiet, cozy
evening with our pals down the road.....

They insisted on a simple supper,
(cena sencilla  - say nah sen see ya in Spanish) 
I cooked up a little Tex-Mex.

Homemade salsa from my garden and guacamole with chips.  Easy?  Check.

Southwestern cheese ball with salsa-flavored Wheat Thins.  Easy? You bet.

Gypsy stew using heirloom organic tomatoes, onions, and peppers from
my garden.  Easy? Sure is.

Placemats in a fiesta pattern and no tablecloth.  Easy?  Nothing is easier.

One set of dishes, already matched up.  Facil.

 A pair of LED candles on the table - facilissimo.

All the more time to have a fun time drinking margaritas
with dear friends and getting them 
re-accustomed to the cuisine they'll enjoy all winter in Arizona.  
Sometimes, less is more.

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