Saturday, July 5, 2014

Master Party-Thrower for the Master Gardener

Imagine my surprise when I received this invitation in the mail!  Usually, Kimberly and I plan parties together. I must admit that I was TOTALLY unaware of this dinner party, much less that it was being held in my honor for having just completed my Master Gardener Certification with the University of Minnesota!!! 

Every place setting had a different seed packet.  What a clever girl.  Kimberly reproduced vintage seed packets as menu holders, all fitting snugly in a terracotta pot coffee mug and a pair of cotton gardening gloves. 

The garden theme was carried throughout the table with leeks and asparagus spears standing at attention in tall glass cylinders, surrounded by fresh peppers, eggplants, and cherry tomatoes on the vine.

This girl just oozes creativity.  The fresh carrots with their tops still on were used in lieu of fresh flowers.  The "dirt" in the hurricane vases is guess what?  Coffee grounds.  Genius.
Fresh top-on radishes garnished each place setting, echoing the majolica salad plates with a radish motif.
As if the tablescape wasn't enough, she prepared a farmers' market-fresh dinner for four.

Grilled eggplant insalata Caprese - the addition of the grilled eggplant was sensational!
Plating up the haricots vert.
Polenta with gorgonzola

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  1. Congratulations to the master gardener! Beautiful party!